Edict of Induction

The Presbytery of Glasgow has received a Call from this congregation addressed to Rev James Gemmell to be their minister, and the Call has been sustained as a regular Call, and has been accepted by him.

The Presbytery, having judged the Rev James Gemmell qualified for the ministry of the Gospel and for this charge, has resolved to proceed despite this Pandemic crisis with his Induction on - 

Thursday the 11th day of June 2020

at 7pm o’clock

carried out under the auspices of a Webinar Church Service, unless something occurs which may reasonably impede it. Notice is hereby given to all concerned that if they, or any of them, have anything to object to in the life or doctrine of the Rev James Gemmell, they should intimate their objection at their earliest opportunity to the Presbytery Clerk, with evidence of substantiation of the objection.

The Presbytery is to meet at 7pm on Thursday, the 11th day of June 2020. In accordance with section 29 of Act VIII 2003, any objection first brought at that time must be immediately substantiated, and the objector must satisfy the Presbytery that there was no earlier opportunity to bring the objection to the attention of the Presbytery Clerk.

Otherwise the Presbytery shall proceed without further delay.

By order of the Presbytery

Rev Hilary N. McDougall (Presbytery Clerk Pro Tem)

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Online Worship led by Rev Alister Bull


During this time when Government measures are in place for COVID-19 we have been asked to stay at home and not to gather at Carnwadric Church building. 

This should not stop us worshipping in other creative ways. Rev Alister Bull has used the Weekly worship Resources produced by the Church of Scotland for the prayers, selected some music to listen to from a Website called Worship Together and a link from Re:Hope Southside Children's team who have kindly shared their resources.

Please use these with the comfort that other members of Carnwadric Church are looking, listening and reflecting on the message for this week.

There will be a notice on Church Facebook page to find these worship resources. Please let others know not just in Carnwadric but beyond.

Every Blessing











Welcome today to anyone who is visiting with us.




Pastoral Care

Due to Alister’s other work commitments, there may be days when he is not available by phone. If you require urgent pastoral care, and do not receive a reply from Alister, then please phone either Calum or Mary.



The Knitters and Natters group is currently cancelled. See Sadie Douglas if you would like more information.




Church website www.carnwadric-church.co.uk   The website contains lots of information about what is going on in Carnwadric Church.  Please have a look and share with your friends and family. We are also on Facebook – search for Carnwadric Church.



Project Information: (leaflets are available in the vestibule)


Carnwadric WIN Project. Provides family support and groups for adults and children. Contact Dawn Barratt, Project Supervisor, Tel: 07462056294 or email dawnwinproject@gmail.com. Monday to Wednesday.


Rainbow Friendship Centre. Provides day care centre for older members of the community. Contact Ann Walsh, Manager, on 0141 638 8979 or email rainbowcentre1@aol.com . Open Wednesday to Friday.


Rainbow Home Support. For further details about services provided, please contact Alison Anderson on 0141 328 5954.


Eden Community Garden. Every Thursday led by Paul from Urban Roots.