June Prayer Diary

Pray for the community. Remember to join in prayer every Thursday as we all remember our neighbours and local streets in pray. ·


Pray for the schools as they come to the end of term. Remember the Primary 7 children as they end their time in Primary School and get ready for High School.


Give thanks for the work of Scripture Union in schools and summer camps. Remember the many children who will attend camp this year. ·


Pray for the children in the Ashpark Primary School Scripture Union group.Give thanks that they have come along every week since the group started. A couple of these children have also come along to church on a Sunday morning. Praise God! ·


We remember everyone who takes part in the church service on a Sunday morning. Thank God for those who volunteer with the Welcome Team, reading the bible passage and operating the powerpoint. ·


Continue to pray for those are bereaved and dealing with the sadness and loss that they experience. ·


We remember those in the church family who are no longer able to attend on a Sunday morning and we give thanks for their past involvement in the life of the church. ·


Over the summer the church garden will be used by the WIN Project. Remember Paul, the sessional worker as he leads the garden groups. Thank God for all that work takes place in the garden done by volunteers