Order of Service

The order of service today is as below - 

             Video: Welcome & Prayer

             Song - The Redeemed of the Lord (Trinity Fellowship)

             Bible Reading: James 1: 1 - 11 (Ewa Bujak)

             Song - An Army of Ordinary People (Martin)

             Reflection - James: A Manual of Practical Christian Living!             

             Song - I Am a New Creation (Steve Kuban)


Click on the arrow icon button for the films to start it and click on where it says, "Click here" for the songs. I look forward to sharing a variety of different material each Sunday. Please let me know by email or text if you have any suggestions regarding worship material that we could use in the future.

Here is a helpful resource for the children with fun activities from the Childrens Zone at All Souls. Click here for more

Welcome & Prayer

Bible Reading: James 1: 1 - 11 - Read by Ewa Bujak


An Army of Ordinary People Click Here. An advert may appear. Click to continue when prompted. Return to this page when the video finishes.

Reflection - James: A Manual of Practical Christian Living!


I am a new creation - click here to play.

God Bless You This Week!