Before you start for 31st May Sunday Service - Pentecost

Thank you for taking this opportunity to use these worship resources as a way to worship while we stay safe at home.

A Sad Farewell

As you all know this is Alister's last service as our Locum. We would all like to say a very big Thank You for everything he has brought to our Sunday Worship and to the life of our church over the past two and a half years.

His warmth, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm and humour has enriched our spritual lives while his down to earth, relaxed approach has been appreciated by all of us. We wish Alister, Ruth and all their family God's continuing blessing.

This is definitely not goodbye but au revoir, as once we are able to meet together again as a church family we will organise a social evening to give everyone the chance to say goodbye and thank him personally for all he has done for us.

Meanwhile, Calum,Our Interim Moderator, has kindly prepared a short message of thanks.  Please Click Here 


week the music  is inspired by a female Gospel singer - Natalie Grant. She has been a great supporter of Hope for Justice and has through her music raised awareness of the plight of human trafficking around the world. I also include a short interview about her response to cancer in her life. (the links will take you to Youtube but you may see adverts that I have no control over) If this option works please put helpful comments at the foot of this page or contact us directly.

The blessing is different again today as it is led by a Makaton tutor, Becky George, who signs in Makaton. It is different from BSL but is a sign langauge used in conjunction with speaking. It is being introduced into schools. It is a wonderful end to this morning's service to show what we can do to include others in worship..

If you want to find out more about Natalie Grant Click here and if you want to know more about Makaton in Church after the worship service. Click here


a wee addition in leading you into the service and you have a cup of tea ready  here is a link to A meditative song by Amy Grant - El Shaddai (Lyric Video) . The video takes you to a peaceful scenes. Stay safe in the love of God. Click here 


For this Sunday here is the order of short films and links to music listed below. 

               A prayer of Confession (Weekly Worship from the Church of Scotland)

              Song (Natalie Grant)

             Story - Natalie Grant

              Bible Reading: John  20 (The Message - audio available)

             Song (Natalie Grant )

              A reflection - A personal thought from Alister (13 min.

             Song (Amazing Grace)

             A prayer of Intercession (Weekly Worship from the Church of Scotland)

             Song (Because he lives )

             Blessing (The UK Blessing in Makaton)


Click on the arrow icon button for the films to start it and click on where it says, "Click here" for the songs. I offer different styles but if the music does not appeal to you, lower the volume and read the words.

Here is a helpful resource for the children with fun activities from Re:Hope Southside Children's Team. Click here for more


Let us worship God together

Mighty and gracious God,

It is with gladness that we gather now in Your presence,

bringing to You the worship of humble, grateful hearts.

We adore You, creator and sustainer of all things,

giver of every good and perfect gift,

for the numberless blessings we have experienced in our lives,

for Your goodness and mercy that have followed us all our days.

God of overflowing generosity, we praise You

for the supreme gift of Your love

in the coming of Your Son, our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ,

and for the God You have shown us to be in Him.

Today we remember with joy the coming of the Spirit

from the risen, ascended Christ at Pentecost,

upon all those gathered:

dispelling their fears,

clearing their vision,

uniting them as one,

equipping them for mission.

Among us here today, and among Your people wherever they are gathered,

may the same Spirit of Pentecost minister grace in these ways to each of us too.

May our hearts and lives be open to the wind of the Spirit,

the giver of life,

that we may be energised to live more faithfully

as members of your coming kingdom

and as joyful witnesses to the good news of Jesus Christ.

In whose strong name we pray.


Prayer of Confession

God of mercy and grace,

We remember that when the Spirit came down at Pentecost, not all were glad.

There were some who poured scorn on this coming,

and mockery on the now Spirit-filled followers.

Forgive us when, in fear and folly,

we bar our minds and hearts to Your Spirit at work.

Forgive us when we refuse to acknowledge

the Spirit’s action in others

and in situations out-with our own comfort zones.

Forgive us when we quench the Spirit,

choosing darkness over light,

and stunt the growth of the fruit of the Spirit in our lives.

Forgive us when we block the Spirit’s constant promptings

to share the good news of Jesus with others,

by word and loving action.

Forgive us when we choose safe and comfortable paths

in place of the sometimes risky – even dangerous – routes of service

and mission to which the Spirit directs us.

Cleanse our hearts by Your Spirit, Lord,

to be Your dwelling place.

Fill us anew,

that we may be bold and humble

bearers to a world in crying need of the sovereign,

just and gentle rule of Jesus,

in whose name we pray.


Natalie Grant - a recent story

Natalie Grant shares about the fear she faced. Click here

Bible Reading

The reading is taken from the Message and can be located if you Click here. This will open up a new window and take you to the Bible GateWay which has our  reading from John 20:19-23  (There is an audio button) . Please read the passage and return this page. (For those braver with technology when the window opens find out other audio versions avaialble like the Dramatised Bible or another read by David Suchet.)


Peacemakers at Pentecost

Prayer of Intercession against Racism

This prayer against racism was published in the 1989 USCCB message “For The Love of One Another.” It was used in by Bishop Andrew Cozzens of St. Paul-Minneapolis, USA at St. Peter Claver Church, a historic Minnesota African-American parish on Friday evening, hours after buildings in the parish neighborhood were set ablaze during a week of unrest after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minnisota Police officers.

Wake Me Up Lord

Wake me up Lord, so that the evil of racism finds no home within me.

Keep watch over my heart Lord,

and remove from me any barriers to your grace,

that may oppress and offend my brothers and sisters.

Fill my spirit Lord, so that I may give services of justice and peace.

Clear my mind Lord, and use it for your glory.

And finally, remind us Lord that you said,

"blessed are the peacemakers,

for they shall be called children of God." 


The UK Blessing in Makaton....a powerful and moving way that all can take part!

Here is a link to the UK blessing signed in Makaton....maybe you can join in with some of it. The words are the same as what was written on a card that many in Carnwadric managed to recieve at the start of this lockdown but here it is available to all in song. This is is our prayer and enriched....enjoy Click here.