Sunday Service - 1st November 2020

Dear Friends,

Thank you for joining me today for our Carnwadric online worship Service. Today our theme is Respect. It is a subject we have considered recently. It is something that is hard to find in the nature of society today.

Our worship music this week comes from several sources, but I have kept the Aaronic Blessing for a 2nd week as the daughter and father sing it so beautifully.

The order of service is as below - 

             Song - All Glory, Laud and Honour

             Prayer of Approach & Confession

             Bible Passage: 1 Peter 2: 1 - 25, especially verse 17

             Song - Father, I Place into Your Hands

             Reflection -  Respect!

             Song - The Spirit Lives to Set Us Free

             Prayers of Intercession

             Song - Crown Him with Many Crowns

             The Aaronic Blessing - (sung by a daughter and father)


Click on the arrow icon button for the films to start it and click on where it says, "Click here" for the songs. I look forward to sharing a variety of different material each Sunday. Please let me know by email or text if you have any suggestions regarding worship material that we could use in the future.

Here is a helpful resource for the children with fun activities from the Childrens Zone at All Souls. Click here for more

Let us worship God together

Prayer of Approach & Confession

God Almighty,

Our hearts are stirred at the prospect

of meeting You today in worship.

We desire to lift our voices is praise and worship.

To declare the glory of our God


For You are God.

There is no one like You below

and there is no one like You above.

You are altogether unique.


O God, we cry out to You in fervent praise.

We can do nothing else when our thoughts

are flooded with the vision of

Your glory and honour.


Through Christ Jesus

we are able to enter Your nearer presence

and experience a rich relationship with You.


We thank You for the Cross,

the means of our forgiveness.

Jesus Christ took our sorrows to bring us joy.

Hear us now as we say ‘sorry’ for our sin.


Holy Spirit, come to us in power and new life.

Change us and renew us.

Make us as our God desires.




Father I Place Into Your Hands - Click Here. An advert may appear. Click to continue when prompted. Return to this page when the video finishes.

Reflection - Respect!


The Spirit Lives to Set Us Free - Click Here. Press continue when prompted. return to this page when video finishes.

Prayer of Intercession

Father God, Our nation, as is true of other nations,

is facing a renewed surge of the Coronavirus.

We thank You that we are

better prepared this time than last.


Help us to weather this no surge!


We pray for the people of the United

States of America as they go to the polls

this week to elect a new president.


Father, we thank You for the work of

Crossreach. We thank You for

the dedicated staff and the care they give.


We also pray for the Kirk Session on

Tuesday. Help the Session in their

discussions and decision making

concerning Carnwadric Church.


As always we remember the

sick, the troubled, the lonely and fearful. Heal,

comfort, befriend and calm

all who need You.




The Blessing