Sunday Service - 9th August

Dear Friends,

Thank you for joining me this Sunday for our worship service. Today we are thinking ahead to next Sunday!.

Our worship music, this week, comes from Hillsong United. They are an Austrailian Worship Group who have proven very successful in recent years. They have a very wide appeal.

The order of service is as below - 

            Song (Who You say I am - Hillsong United)

             Prayer of Confession (from the Church of Scotland)

             Bible Passage - Psalm 122 - Pastor Ed Tarleton

             Song (The Lord's Prayer - Hillsong United)

             Reflection -  Getting Ready for the Reopening!

             Song (I Surrender - Hillsong United)

             Prayers of Intercession (From the Church of Scotland)

             Song (Oceans - Hillsong United)

             The Blessing - The Pacific North West


Click on the arrow icon button for the films to start it and click on where it says, "Click here" for the songs. I look forward to sharing a variety of different material each Sunday. Please let me know by email or text if you have any suggestions regarding worship material that we could use in the future.

Here is a helpful resource for the children with fun activities from Re:Hope Southside Children's Team. Click here for more


Let us worship God together


Who You say I am - Hillsong United Click on the following link here a new window will open. (It is on Youtube so skip the adverts when made available). Press the play button and sit back and worship. Once you've listened return to this page.

Prayer of Adoration & Confession

Faithful God,

We gather this morning in Your presence:


Those of us who come here often

and those who have not been for a long time.


Those who are full of faith

and those who don’t know what we believe.


Those who can hardly keep from singing,

and those who can barely face the day.


We gather because You have called us,

because You love us, because You are our God.


We gather, not because we are good or pure or holy,

but because of our need.


We gather, knowing that again and again

we have failed to live as You would have us live,

that we have not loved one another,

that we have not loved Your creation,

that we have not loved You,

that we have not loved ourselves.


Forgive us, God,

and renew us to be Your people.

Make us one,

and reassure us in our true identity

as children of the One who is above all things.

For we pray this in the name of Jesus Christ,

Our faithful and forgiving friend


Bible Reading - Psalm 122 Read by Pastor Ed Tarleton

Click here for Bible Reading. Psalm 122 - Read by Pastor Ed Tarleton. 

Reflection - Getting Ready for the Reopening!

Prayer of Intercession

Before the world began,

You loved us.


Before You had created us,

You were faithful to us.


And we, as Your people, are thankful

for Your great and abiding love,

shown again and again down the ages.


You have never abandoned us,

even when we have abandoned you.


You have never forgotten us,

even when we have strayed far from the path.


We praise You, faithful God,

for the steadfast love which has always guided us,

for the promise which has never faltered,

for the light which has lightened our way,

for the story which has reminded us

of those who came before us.

For Your steadfast love and mercies new with each morning,

We join with one the voice

To give You praise and thanks.


The Blessing

Click here to listen to The Blessing - From the Pacific North West