Before you start for 7th June Sunday Service - Trinity

A Sad Farewell

As you all know this is Alister's last service as our Locum. We would all like to say a very big Thank You for everything he has brought to our Sunday Worship and to the life of our church over the past two and a half years.

His warmth, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm and humour has enriched our spritual lives while his down to earth, relaxed approach has been appreciated by all of us. We wish Alister, Ruth and all their family God's continuing blessing.

This is definitely not goodbye but au revoir, as once we are able to meet together again as a church family we will organise a social evening to give everyone the chance to say goodbye and thank him personally for all he has done for us.

Meanwhile, Calum,Our Interim Moderator, has kindly prepared a short message of thanks.  Please Click Here 

Thank you for taking this opportunity to use these worship resources as a way to worship while we stay safe at home.

This week the music  is inspired by a Christin male soul artist Jordan Feliz (If you heard of Bruno Mars or Pharell Williams you know what style to expect!)...but we all need some soul in our lives and you can have a wee dance in the kitchen as you do the dishes and put a photo on the Church Facebook page!  (the links will take you to Youtube but you may see adverts that I have no control over) If this option works please put helpful comments at the foot of this page or contact us directly.

The blessing at the end is from me, my last personal words to you.

If you want to find out more about Jordan Feliz Click here

Here is a powerful and energised rendition of the Lord's prayer by Hillsong Click here

For this Sunday here is the order of short films and links to music listed below. 

               A prayer of Confession (Weekly Worship from the Church of Scotland)

              Song (Jordan Feliz)

             Bible Reading: Matthew (The Message - audio available)

             Song (Jordan Feliz)

              A reflection - A personal thought from Alister (13 min.

             Song (Jordan Feliz)

             A prayer of Intercession (Weekly Worship from the Church of Scotland)

             Song (Jordan Feliz )

             Blessing (The UK Blessing in Makaton)


Click on the arrow icon button for the films to start it and click on where it says, "Click here" for the songs. I offer different styles but if the music does not appeal to you, lower the volume and read the words.

Here is a helpful resource for the children with fun activities from Re:Hope Southside Children's Team. Click here for more


Let us worship God together

God, there has been no time

when You have not been creating;

no space where You have not been imagining.

Before our earliest ancestors existed,

You were dreaming and designing what people could be.

We were born into the flow of Your creativity

and breathe our every breath in Your company.

Come close to us,

come alive in us,

stir us like clouds caught by a summer breeze,

may we cling to You like sweet peas to a fence

and be as open to You as a blossoming sunflower to the sun.

Give us an expansive vision of what our world is and can be,

and let us move to the music of Your resounding call.

We surrender to You,

Abundant and Almighty God,

and offer You our worship.


Prayer of Confession

Dear God,

how does it happen?

After all Your





to us,

there are times we want to escape You.

When we don’t even know what gets in the way,

when our closed minds are a mystery to ourselves,

when our thinking gets clogged up with the pollution of self-hatred,

please will You come and speak some gentle sense to us again.

When loving us is a thankless task,

and You watch our futile efforts to clean up our own act,

please will You prod us into noticing You,

down on Your hunkers beside us,

willing us to reach out and grab Your hand.

God, You know the bitter taste of failure,

You fully understand the temptation to give up.

You stay with us and quell all those gremlins of






YOU HAVE FORGIVEN US for all that’s gone wrong in our living and loving.

Pick us up as we pick up our mats and walk on.

So be it. Amen

Bible Reading

The reading is taken from the Message and can be located if you Click here. This will open up a new window and take you to the Bible GateWay which has our  reading from Matthew 28:18-20   (There is an audio button) . Please read the passage and return this page. (For those braver with technology when the window opens find out other audio versions avaialble like the Dramatised Bible or another read by David Suchet.)


Saying goodbye

Prayer of Intercession for the World, Carndwadric and their new minister

Thankyou God,

for Your immeasurably big heart.

You don’t need the credit for what You do.

You don’t need the recognition.

You don’t need the thanks.

Where would we be without Your refusal to despair;

Your resolve to never give up;

Your willingness to keep working to sustain

the cosmos which You love.

The ingenuity of Your mind is unfathomable!

How perfectly You set up all the ecosystems of earth,

the balances of climate and vegetation and interdependent species.

How deep Your trust in us,

to implant in us the wisdom to care for the land and the sea,

to be Your co-workers in ensuring the flourishing of all.

Thank you for the expertise of people

who work most closely with the environment

– ecologists and botanists, zoologists and conservationists.

Thank you for the successes of the work they do

and for their persistent efforts to educate and inform

so that all of us know the habits we must get out of

and get into for the protection, survival and wellbeing of the whole world.

We thank you for researchers who are tirelessly looking for a vaccine against COVID-19 and for the volunteers who put themselves at risk so as to save others so we can have a vaccine sooner.

We continue to pray for healthcare staff, politicians and volunteers who are helping our world to be safe.

Bless Carnwadric Church and its projects and that the lockdown appeal succeeds in raising the amount to advance your kingdom work.

Bless Rev. James Gemmell in his induction this week and that you are with him and his family as they adjust to a new ministry here.

Bless each of us to be ready to serve. 

We ask this so we are a blessing to others,

but above all that our lives are a blessing to you.


A Blessing from me.

May you be undeterred

May you know God, Father Son and Spirit

May your faith expand and embrace God's future for you.

May you be way makers in Carnwadric

May you know no fear that will stop the love of Christ

May you have loving hands

May you have big hearts

May you have strong voices

May you have clear minds

To care for the weak

To speak for the voiceless

To touch the untouchable

To think the unthinkable

May youMay faith flow,

May God reign

May Jesus be known

May the Holy Spirit be relentless

Amen, Amen and Amen